People make use of my guiding services to increase their chances of success and enjoyment on a given objective. 

I’ll ensure we operate at the right level for you so that you can maintain focus, build confidence and have fun. I’ll require you to engage, apply effort and process new skills as we go. 

The guiding I provide will involve learning about the environment and some coaching of your existing skill set. You’ll gain competency as well as prepare for your next objective.

Every person and objective on a given day is unique, but some examples of regular guiding services are:

  • Sea stacks of northern Scotland (eg Stoer, Am Bhuichaille, Hoy)
  • Skye sea cliff climbing, 1 or 2 day Cuillin ridge traverse and Munro bagging 
  • Winter mixed climbing in the Cairngorms 
  • Snow and ice climbing on Ben Nevis
  • Rock climbing in the Scottish Highlands  (Inverness/Ullapool)
  • Winter mountaineering in the NW Highlands (ie Liathach, An Teallach)
  • Welsh rock (Classic, Hard, Extreme)
  • Multi-pitch sea-cliff climbing at Gogarth, slab climbing in the slate quarries

As a climber tuned in to the conditions with knowledge of the best venues, I can guarantee to make the most of your time. Whether you’re looking for a single day, long weekend or a week trip I’m keen to hear about your ideas and objectives; dont hesitate to get in touch.

Training and Coaching 

Acquiring new skills, breaking performance barriers  and gaining independence are outcomes realised when we engage in a methodical learning process.

I provide training and coaching that puts you and your needs at the centre. We’ll test out theories,  re-mould habits and pick up new ones. You should be prepared to be challenged, to think hard and have a laugh along the way.

Clients have used my services in training and coaching to:

  • Transition; indoor – rock, sport – traditional, single – multi pitch
  • Learn to get more fun from climbing
  • Coach young people through NICAS schemes
  • Overcome a grade barrier 
  • Learn to use the climbing wall as a training tool
  • Learn to lead climb 
  • Learn to scramble
  • Manage a fear of falling
  • Access serious places (eg sea cliffs, mountain crags)
  • Gain problem solving and emergency rope skills (eg escaping, ascend a rope)
  • Learn to navigate
  • Gain winter mountain walking skills (eg avalanche awareness, cramponing)
  • Learn to climb harder in the winter
  • Gain technical winter mountaineering skills (eg rope work, steeper terrain)

I work with big spectrum of clients, from total beginners to seasoned performers.  If one of these examples  chimes with you or you’re after something else you think I can provide, please get in touch.

Photography and Access

Photography has widened my perspective on the places I spend time in and the  people I’m with. It provides a form of communication that words don’t.

I  use my skill set in climbing and mountaineering to shoot photo and film. I enjoy the challenge of  access presented by rock and mountain environments. 

The media on this site is all mine (aside from the few pictures of me). The gallery page is worth a look if you’re interested. It should give you an idea of the breadth of environments I operate in.

Services I offer in photography and access are:

  • Technical access for your own photo/video project
  • Technical access training (ie rigging, ascending/descending rope)
  • Simple climbing photography tips
  • Safety and skills training for remote environments 

Previous projects have involved:

If you think I can assist you with your own project, don’t hesitate to get in touch