I charge for my services at a fixed day rate. This includes  use of my technical equipment and reasonable travel from my home base. Below is a summary of daily costs. These might be split amongst a group. For example, a weekend rock course for 4 would cost £125 each.

no. ppl summer winter
£200 £225
£225 £250
3+  £250 £275

Coaching sessions are a little different since they tend to take place at a climbing wall. In this instance I offer half and full day sessions, the costs for which could also be split within a group.

Whilst I can work with up to 6 people at a time, group size influences the amount of feedback I can provide to individuals as well as the technicality of the objectives we might engage in. Activities have limits in terms ratio.  Below is a summary of the typical number of people i can work with.  

activity ratio

single pitch climbing


simple scrambling


multi pitch climbing 

tricky scrambling



Crucial to your booking is our conversation. An email exchange or phone call allows us to identify the nature of your objectives, me to offer ideas and us to determine whether my services are of value to you. I am delighted to talk with no obligation to book. 

Confirming your booking is simple. I’ll ask you to fill out a booking form and I’l send you an invoice. I’ll require you to complete and return the form along with a minimum 50% deposit. I’ll let you know how you can prepare, what equipment I can provide and what you’ll need to bring along. Arranging insurance for your trip  is recommended. I use the BMC.

Being well fed and slept is key to making the most of our time together. If your looking for advice on accomodation I can suggest something to suit your needs – self catering, B&B or one of the many well situated camp sites. 

To enquire about a booking please email [email protected] or call +44 (0) 7941 583 903.