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I charge for my services at a per day rate of £300. This includes  use of any of my technical equipment as well as reasonable travel from my home base. The cost might be split amongst a group, eg 3 days of rock climbing for 2 people would cost each person £450.

Different activities have limits in terms ratio. The maximum number of people I can work with on different activities is detailed below. 

activity ratio

single pitch climbing 


simple scrambling


multi pitch climbing 

tricky scrambling



Crucial to your booking is our conversation. An email exchange or phone call allows us to identify the nature of your objectives, me to offer ideas and us to determine whether my services will be of value to you. I’m happy to talk with no obligation to book. 

Confirming your booking is simple. I’ll ask you to fill out a booking form and I’ll send you an invoice. I’ll let you know how you can prepare, what equipment I can provide and what you’ll need to bring along. I’m insured to provide all of the services I offer but I’d also reccomend you arrange your own insurance for your trip   (ie if you have to cancel at short notice). The British Mountaineering Council are tuned in on that front.

Being well fed and slept is key to making the most of our time together. I can suggest something well placed to suit your needs, whether it’s self catering, B&B or a nice camp site. If we arrange a trip far away from my home base then I just ask that you put me up too. 

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